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Efficient Patient Monitoring With Less Effort

About DrLinkNow


VPM is a solution to this problem, redefining traditional medical practice and bringing it right to your homes. If you’re familiar with telemedicine, then you’re no stranger to the wonderful impact technology has had on the health industry. Remote Patent Monitoring utilizes some features of telemedicine by allowing patients to receive expert care and monitoring right from their homes, thus erasing the need for numerous patient visits.
With RPM, physicians maintain remote contact with their patients, helping to monitor their condition by assessing risk factors, body responses and just maintaining constant contact. This innovation is particularly helpful for aging patients or individuals with mobility challenges.

Technology is constantly bridging the gap between traditional health care and current patient needs. Remote Patient management relies upon smart devices and platforms that all age groups are familiar and comfortable with. The use of such consumer-friendly devices helps to enforce patients’ trust and their comfort serves to encourage better engagement.

These devices record the physiological data of connected patients and send it securely to the physicians. With such information provided daily and in real-time, physicians can stay a step ahead of their patient’s conditions and provide quick intervention when required.

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