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Preventative Healthcare Solutions Via Virtual Patient Monitoring (VPM)

We Provide A Full Service VPM Solution

VPM is a win-win-win for doctors, patients, and Medicare.  By having DrLink Now monitoring patients, doctors are freed up to focus on the needs of those who need their attention most while the incidence of acute events drops dramatically.  Our Care Teams monitor vitals, general health and wellness, medication and diet adherence, and provides senior socialization throughout the week.  Not only are patients better cared for their levels of depression, anxiety, stress, and loneliness are greatly reduced.  

Our Care Team and Patent Pending Conversational AI are Experts Patients Love to Interact 
Virtual Patient Monitoring

Our Cellular Connected Wireless Devices & Care Team Help Provide Better Patient Outcomes & Substantial New Revenues for Your Practice,

Assisted Living Facility or Nursing Home
Virtual Patient Monitoring is Connected Preventative Healthcare

Great For:

Internal Medicine * GP * Cardiology * Gerontology * Endocrinology *  Pulminology * Mental/Behavioral Heath * New Med Specialists *  Psychiatry * Urology * Oncology * Allergy * Critical Care * Bariatric *  Infectious Disease * Neurology * Pain Management *
and Any Other Specialty Dealing w/ Chronic Ailments
Virtual Patient Monitoring is Connected Preventative Healthcare
VPM Leads to Happiness  




·Less Stress

·More Peace of Mind

·Happier More Engaged Patients

·Better Patient Outcomes

·Fewer Non-essential Patient Visits -Seeing Chronic  Patients Less Often for Check-in Visits

·Having More Time to Address Patients with Urgent  Needs

·Fewer Patients with Acute Needs

·A Partner with Their Patient’s Best Interests in Mind  Delivering  Total Virtual  Solutions

·Significant New Revenues for No Investment, Time, or  Office Resources.

·Better Health

·Fewer Acute Episodes

·Regular Health Check-ins by  Concerned & Caring Medical  Team

·Fewer Visits to the Doctor or  Hospital

·Fewer Associated Medical  Expenses (Co-pays/Out-of-  pocket)

·Less Stress in Their Lives

·Reduces Isolation and Depression

·Peace of Mind for Friends &  Family

·Happier Patients/Happier and  Less Stressed Doctors

·Fewer Non-Essential Calls/Contacts  from Patients

·Knowing Their Patients are Being  Looked After by a Trusted Partner

·More Satisfaction

·Less Chaos in Their Work Lives

·Satisfaction Knowing They're Part of  a Bigger Team Looking out for the  People They Care About

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